Master Jinn


Be a Jedi Knight!!!


There is always hope, my friend, though it often comes in forms not looked for. The key is knowing how to see it and seizing that opportunity.

―Qui-Gon Jinn, to Yoda


Master Jinn is a beautiful miniature an the perfect alternative for any Republic player.


With each purchase, you will get 1 miniature of the chosen option.

Miniature comes unpainted.

Miniature is printed in Clear or Grey Resin.

Base Not included.

Model created by:


Produced and distributed under commercial licence from Order66Designs .


Resin Printed Miniature in 1:46-1:48 scale

Suitable for any 32mm Tabletop Game

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Choose Option

Charging Pose Hooded, Charging Pose Unhooded, Passive Pose Hooded, Passive Pose Unhooded, Ronin Pose


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