Imperial Star Interceptor


Fly for the Imperial Navy!!!


Your generic TIE grunt is just plain suicidal. And the TIE Defender jockey is bloodthirsty. But the TIE Interceptor pilot, he’s suicidal and bloodthirsty. When you see a squad of those maniacs flying your way, you’d better hope your hyperdrive is operational.

-Kyle Katarn


The Imperial Star Interceptor is a wonderful miniature. Equipped with 2 SFSL-s9.3 laser cannons and 2SFS P-s5.6 twin ion engines plus a incredible maneuverability you will outmatch most star fighters.

With each purchase, you will get 1 Imperial Star Interceptor miniature and 1 sitting pilot and 1 standing pilot.

Miniature comes unpainted.

Miniature is printed in Clear or Grey Resin.

Base Not included.

Model created by:

Darkfire Designs

Produced and distributed under commercial licence from Darkfire Designs.


Resin Printed Miniature in 1:46-1:48 scale.

Suitable for any 32mm Tabletop Game.


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