Coridon Warsuit from Onos Industries

Coridon Warsuit is the biggest battlesuit made from Onos Industries engineers. This warsuit is equipped with two different weapons configurations: Fist configuration: TWIN ARM-MOUTED RAILGUNS Second Configuration: ADRON COLIDER AND COUPLED BURST CANNONS This model is be compatible with 120mm x 95 mm oval base (base not included in the kit) The model is completely jointed and it is posable following your preferences.

With each purchase, you will get 1 Coridon Warsiut miniature. (All weapon options included.)

Miniatures come unpainted.

Miniature are printed in Clear or Grey Resin.

Base is Not included.

Model created by:

Onos Industries

Produced and distributed under commercial licence from Onos Industries.


Resin Printed Miniature.

Suitable for any 28 mm Tabletop Game.