Marine Commander


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For the Republic!!!


I hesitated for a moment when I received Order 66 because the last thing I expected was a Jedi coup. Did I feel betrayed? You bet I did. I thought of all my men who died under Ki-Adi-Mundi’s command, and if I’d known then that he and his buddies were gearing up to do the Separatists‘ work for them and overthrow the government, I’d have shot him as a traitor a lot earlier. He betrayed the trust of every one of us.



The Marine Commander is a beautiful miniature and the right choice for any Republic player.

With each purchase, you will get 1 Marine Commander miniature.

Miniature comes unpainted.

Miniature is printed in Clear or Grey Resin.

Base Not included.

Model created by:

Darkfire Designs

Produced and distributed under commercial licence from Darkfire Designs.


Resin Printed Miniature in 1:46-1:48 scale.

Suitable for any 32mm Tabletop Game.

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